“What happens during an Oasis Healing Massage?”
It’s a great question that I love to answer! Nearly everyone asks me. The treatment and the experience, will be different for every client. My ability to work with multiple modalities allows me to create in the moment, the perfect blend for each and every person.
The focus of each session is bringing the physical, emotional, and spiritual “bodies” back into balance. The true answer then, to what I do is simple…I intuitively assist your body’s own intrinsic healing ability.

The Oasis Healing Massage combines gentle therapeutic massage and restorative energy work

During the treatment, your innate healing wisdom will guide me in locating and releasing the areas with physical and emotional congestion. The result is that you’ll receive many of the benefits of deep tissue work, minus the usual discomfort and recovery time.

The Oasis Healing Massage Relaxes connective tissues, Loosens muscles, Increases mobility & blood flow, and Alleviates pain.

Once the interruptions in the body’s natural pathways are released, the flow of fresh nutrients and Chi (life energy) can work their restorative magic. It’s powerful, amazingly simple, yet truly profound!