“Judy has treated me for over 10 years. I can have a very hectic travel schedule and I work out regularly. She has helped me through “exercised induced” traumas to my body. Since I have been under her care she has significantly reduced the incidence of these traumas.  I do not have to tell her where my “pain points are”, she tells me and begins to work her magic and bring relief! I would not think of going to anyone else!”
~Joe Malta

I experience Judy to be a clear, open channel for the flow of healing, loving, light energy. She combines this with her intuitive gifts, resulting in powerful healing sessions. I am grateful that The Divine, put Judy on my path.”
~ Reverand Karen S Judd

“Judy is a truly gifted healer. Her gentle approach and innate intuition allows you to relax, let go and let the healing begin. Her sessions are nothing less than magical and I always leave feeling at peace and renewed.
Working with Judy has been a graceful stepping stone in helping me open up to the many possibilities that life offers. Thank you Judy.”
~ Marie-Anne Ainley

“Judy is an incredible practitioner and I recommend her healing gifts to anyone wishing to experience her magic. Judy has an amazing ability to listen to the body and dialogue with it so compassionately and intelligently. One can expect to release deep emotional issues as well as feel the physical relief of tension melting from the body as she assists the flow of energy towards a natural state of balance.  You leave Oasis and know that your body, mind and spirit have been balanced, renewed and strengthened. Judy is amazing and I am blessed to know her and to have such a highly skilled bio-metaphysical healer in my life.”
~ Gaby Ellert – Founder, Sat Nam Yoga

“Judy has assisted in re-balancing what years of destructive energy had wrought. My body has changed intrinsically through her healing touch. She has helped bring me back to my true inner self by balancing the physical and emotional selves. Judy is a true and very gifted healer. My deepest wish is that everyone is lucky enough to be as profoundly affected by her healing powers as I have been.”
~ Donna O’Connor

‘‘Judy knows exactly what I need without me having to say a word, I feel rejuvenated, relaxed, replenished and full of life when I leave her. She’s tuned in to me and can read me like a book. She’s truly talented in so many ways.”
~  Brenna Taylor – Holistic Health Counselor

“Working with Judy has helped me open up in the safety of her presence. She is patient , understanding and creative which has led me to a deeper connection with myself .  Receiving both Harmonyum sessions and massage has had profound positive effects for my spiritual growth and has taken my creativity to another level .”
~ Lorna Hurd

“It is fascinating and amazing and a bit mysterious to put yourself in the hands of an intuitive healer. Not only does Judy activate the blocked energy pathways in my body but she has sage advice on the issues that are causing these blockages. She knows what I need as I enter the room (sometimes before I even arrive) and the instant my mind wanders during treatment she gently brings me back to the present with a few soft words.
Staying “with” her during treatment insures the partnership that is being created will be the strongest for healing. With all the giant and tiny life changes I have dealt with in the past 10 years, Judy and her Oasis ~ Center of Healing has been a major tool, helping me to stay healthy and have the ability to overcome these traumas.
Watching her learn and grow into the many modalities and skills over the years is a beautiful experience. What a gift!! Thank you, over and over Judy!!!”
~ Fran Hendrickson
Danbury, CT